Physical disease with psychological consequenses

Went to my therapist, it is in my homeland so I had a long train trip. Which is good, got to read the book on nutrition and alcohol addiction. Figured out that if I took a seat with a window left of me that other people could not read the cover. By now covering up for not drinking seems to take up the same kind (not amount) of energy as covering up for drinking. I am actually scared that I get an accident, not because of me, but because the books are in my bag and ‘somebody might notice’. My therapist said I should watch the paranoia. I should, I should. It’s lurking and I should keep a close eye on it – which is actually only half a joke ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Next week I host the ‘hooker club’ at my place. No that is not a Hooker anonymous, it is a language joke on a crochet club, in my language the bad English translation of crochet could be hooker. Well, nobody actually really crochets but everybody takes their work with them. Only new moms actually finish stuff. I mailed the invite saying that if anybody wanted some alcohol they should bring their own and take the rest with them because I was off the booze. I added ‘for a while’. Said that it made me depressed and that I was happy that I was not depressed anymore, added some joke to it. I am getting more relaxed about telling people I don’t drink, still don’t feel like coming out of the closet as an alcoholic though. I do expect me to blurt out something one day that might make people wonder. I’m not so good at keeping secrets. Well, that is not here now so not to worry.

So what did I do, I did some falling apart at the therapist, came to a point where I remembered exactly why I choose booze as my favourite companion, then got myself together again. Walked to the train. The train from my homeland to where I live is always difficult. So many sad memories. Did a smart thing though, got into second class that was stuffed with students going home on a Friday night and that typical energy of studying and talking people made me happy. Ok, I did use my earplugs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My therapist also said I should not be trying to transform my general aggression into aggression against AA and religion. Sorry world :-(. I should not do that and I should not be ranting.

All in all I was pretty convinced I have a long way to go but I am doing somethings ok. Like being happy that I quit. By the time I was in the city again I was all enthusiast about the new book. Happy that I finally found all the nutritional info I have been looking for for so long! So, feeling my way back into life is working out pretty good so far. I write a lot of feeling but there’s a lot of thinking involved too.

If you are experiencing cravings, depression, anxiety or just like nutritional info I guess this is the book to read. The author is from the Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis. They say that addiction is a physical disease with psychological consequences , and not the other way around. It is like using XTC, everybody knows it makes you depressed because these pills deplete your happy hormone stock, so it is with alcohol.

They claim a very high recovery rate, the book says 74% versus 22% for treatment centers following the idea that it is a mental disease (I have corrected physical to mental after publishing the blog). Not sure how it works but in my country you are not allowed to make such statements if they are not true. Also, I see that I have in 4 weeks had 20 – 30 seconds of cravings in total and I have taken part of all these nutrients in overdose over the last months. So I tend to believe what she says. We shall see.

If you check out the site or read the book: brace yourself for some aggression in the style of writing and where I just said sorry about ranting: she seems to have no problem with that. Keep in mind that she has lost a son to alcohol, he committed suicide after his personality changed due to alcohol. Reading the book I get the idea that she is angry at the persons that ‘did not cure’ย  her son and possibly also that these care centers are still refusing her solution that she says is way better.

The site uses words like orthomolecular therapy but all the stuff she writes in the book is available at any vitamin shop. The book could very well be a big part of a DIY box to getting sober. The plan is to determine what spurred your addiction, then to determine the current state of the vitamin levels together with your GP. Next to get some healthy stuff in you get your levels up and stop drinking. In that order. No sugar and no caffeรฏne either.

To me it sounds like a good plan but I have not read everything and I don’t have the medical background to check it all out. So… But, still, sounds like a good plan.ย  She does believe in the combination of Mind, Body, Spirit and holistic but this book is mostly about the nutrients. Can’t wait to read on.

I am happy that I quit, emotionally stepping back into the reason why I think I drank was very confronting but it is good to see that side of my life from a sober perspective. And with saying that I believe I am not totally convinced yet that alcohol is a (only) physical diseas.

Well, happy that I quit. Bit tired of the work it takes.

4 thoughts on “Physical disease with psychological consequenses

  1. Everybody hates the thought of AA. Its the largest club no one wanted to belong to. And, as alcoholics, we think we are “oh so” unique. We suffer from terminal uniqueness. Ain’t it grand!

    I found the solution in AA. Of course, I fought it for six years. I was different, smarter. I would write a blog, join sober online groups, read books etc. After six years, I was tired of being a dry drunk. No longer drinking, but just as miserable and feeling it intensely, because I no longer altered my mental state. I was of no use to my family, job or friends. That all changed when I let go absolutely. We need others to help us recover. That’s hard to do sitting in front of a computer.

    I learned that psychology is the study of human behavior. The discipline wants you to “think” differently and your feelings will change. AA is the study of our behavior. It is taking action for us alcoholics that changes our thinking, feeling and outlook on life. But, as most of us are educated, and taught to solve problems, we go about studying, reading, seeing therapist…all with the intention of solving “the problem”. Well, the problem is “us”! But, we’re incapable of recognizing it and even more incapable of changing it without the help of others. No one can help you more than a fellow alcoholic can. And, I know where to find lots of alcoholics. I see them daily.


    • Hi Iceman, thank you for your comment :-). As you might have read I have been out in the sober world for about 4 weeks now and I am following what I call an organic process; try to answer questions that I have and study on the subject. To add some accountability and (electronic, computer screen) contact I have started this blog.
      In that process I have found that I do have an approach that is very much ‘lacking of people’. I am curious about that and I am curious about what AA could do for me and visa versa but, as you might have read, I have some ‘apprehension’ (nastely distributed aggression) to joining.
      You are the second person to say something along the lines of what I understand as ‘you think with an addict brain’ (is that what you are saying?) I am not sure how to say this but I am interested to hear how you would describe my approach to getting sober in AA words, if you are willing, and have the time of course. Not looking for a full breakdown (not sure I would be able to handle that ๐Ÿ™‚ ) but if you could, I don’t know, pick out some sentences where I go ‘off the path’ and maybe put some words to that I would be very grateful. Online is ok, I guess, but if you are more comfortable with mailing that would by my name and then at Don’t or do read the Apprehension post, it is not nice, but it is part of my process so I am leaving it out here, for now.


  2. I feel very similar – ‘I have a long way to go but I’m doing some things OK’.
    I am quite interested in reading the book you mention. It sounds great up until the ‘no sugar and no caffeine’ part!! But I will get myself a copy anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Hello Waking Up, thank you for your reply. I am very excited about the book. I’m have not proceeded far but I am guessing that they will have a nice solution to reduce the sugar and cafeine cravings. Ooh, I kicked of 3 liters of cola a day by drinking (warm) water with fresh lemon juice in the morning. That will surely wake you up once you put enough lemon juice in it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Going cold turkey with sugar is easier than moderating, sugar is very addictive. And grapefruit helps against every craving for anything. Hope you enjoy the book. I am interested in hearing how you proceed. ๐Ÿ™‚


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