Happy‘ Use it in a sentence today!  😉

Well, shitload of sadness here. Nakken is continuing on how families should be to be functional as opposed to well, dis-functional. Not crisis-focused but supportive, again, functional. Sorry for the moaning and self pitty but I found I did not get to get that. And it hurts. Reading how things could have been hurts more than reading and realising how fucked up I am. And finally, at 44, I get this feeling, I wish I had a family of my own, I would have done it aaaaaaaaaalllllll differently and we would have been happy ever after.

Yeah, right.

Happy that I quit, not happy with the stuff I need to work out. Happy that I did give me a second chance at live though. Happy for meeting the old GP that showed me that there was a way out. Proud that I did get out. 🙂

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