Still reading Nakken, currently on learning to make new choices. Where an addict has few choices because their (my!) intentions are / (were!) focussed on getting pissed, a person that is not addicted has many! How cool is that?

I have been wondering over the years why, ooh why there were times that I would bike through the city, trying different roads and streets and parks etc. to get to the place where I wanted. While later on I lost the urge to do so, it actually noticed that it ‘did not fit in my head’ to think about different roads. I realised at that time that it was connected to my mood. But I never connected my mood to alcohol.

Well, there is another thing alcohol does, it narrows down the mind. Ha! And I know that now! Tadaaaa!

Glad that I quit and proud of it. 🙂



Hmmm, maybe I should be trying marijuana. They say that this opens the mind.

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