I’ve had it with feeling bad

I’ve had it with feeling bad about myself and made a new slogan: I am happy that I quit and proud that I did that.

There’s a shitload to do but I am doing that. I trust my ability to discriminate between right and wrong and I trust my intentions. Things might not work out yet but it is all an organic process.

And I am not going to use the recovery tag anymore because I have not heard it used in sentences other than those that take away trust in and pride and power from people. I’m not sick, I am not ill, I was addicted, this fucked up normal emotional development and now I am repairing myself with the help of lovely people out here and in my personal life, books and good food.

Still missing the exercise and the outdoor but that will come.

‘No writing errors were found!’ That must be a sign! 😉



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