Life without booze is starting to feel ‘normal’. Yesterday was difficult but what I forgot to mention is that due to my shedule of the trainjourney to and the stay at my brothers I had no drink think and no ‘stopping with booze’ thoughts. I was wondering a little if I had gone from thinking about drinking to thinking about not drinking but I experienced that this does not have to be so.

Did some shopping today and I did not even notice that I had walked through the beer and wine lane without thinking about any of the produce or my own process. Which is good. I looked back and there was this Muslim women walking through the same lane and she did that as well. No connection with the product at all, like I walk through the coffee department – no interest, it does not connect. That’s where I want to go with booze. Or maybe one step further as how I walk through the sweets department: dislike of the product and the producers with knowledge of the sickening effects that it has. Yes, I can be a puritan when it comes to decision making. 🙂 All or nothing.

I do have a loads of time on my hand and now my energy is up I do feel a need to fill this in, the biology of life kickstarting me again. New as well, the therapist put this thoughts in motion where I realised today that this IS already my life. I always wait for ‘things to finish’, ‘when I get out of this process’ or ‘when things cheer up’ as the starting point of my life. But hey! This is what is now. 🙂 Filling in my time sensibly will be the project of next week.

But first I’ld like to catch some sun on the balcony and read my new dreamwork book. Letting Nakken for what it is for the moment because my real life power issue has to re-settle before my brains can actually take on information again.

Thanks for your interest in my path and have a nice evening!


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