The morning after I dumped my shit on the net. Sorry for the dumping, it’s not very polite.

I’m not sure what my karma is, or what karma is. But I know that if I want to solve my karma shit I need to do exactly what I do not want and that is not drinking (well I do sort of want that) and sorting out what I call my first chakra stuff: like housing, income, food, pension, taking care of my body, the basics. And letting go, not hang on to shit. Not make sorrow, grief, sadness my favorite emotions.

I want to finally become clear, as I call it. According to the ayahuasca that’s all I have to do for now. It is all the above. Even though I don’t drink anymore I am not clear, pain troubles my functioning as a person. But I am on my path, I know that. It’s a bit of a shitty road currently but that too will pass. Well, I guess. Not very experienced in the sober fields. But I have this inner tomtom and it says I’m on my way and that’s good.

On my way to have lunch out.



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