Alchohol TOP training

Did the first chapter on the alcohol TOP training. Which is a (free) online training to help say no to alcohol. They try to change behaviour by changing your un/subconcious reaction to booze. It starts of with loads of questions about drinking habbits and enquires after the mental state. Some of these were difficult to fill in because the form partially assumes that I am still drinking. And, as I said, 80% of my mental problems disappeared immediately after stopping with drinking.

What have I done in the training? Pushed photo’s of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks away and towards me. Also, with the use of the cursor keys copied the way an arrow directs. These arrows where stuck on photo’s of drinks again.

The excersise with the pushing and pulling was especially tiresome because sometimes I had to pull alcoholic drinks towards me while this is EXACTLY what I do not want, it feels counter-intuitive. I mailed them to ask a question about that. ‘Yes of course I did!!!’


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