And breathe….

Day 9

Still reading Craig Nakken’s Addictive Personality. Thought I was unique, now it seems that every word he writes is applicable to my situation. I could quote the whole book here.

While reading I get flashbacks, see where the situation is/was applicable in my life, where it connects to me on an energy level, see where my intentions are corrupted. And, breathe through it. It’s a lot to process. I try not to go down the love/hate track and I only continue with another sentence until I have found a place within me where what I read, and how it affects me, has become knowledge, when I can see, understand and let go.

Sometimes, I don’t think I have the right to not hate me for what I have done to me and others. Then I feel back and realise that nothing of the harmful things that I have done to others and me, I would have done voluntarily.

Powerless. Overwhelming.


And breathe…

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