I stopped drinking, the cat is changing

Day 8

It’s day 8 and by now I was hoping to see some signs of weightloss because I eat 24 sandwiches less in one day. That should count, shouldn’t it? And I’m not frying eggs with bacon in the morning anymore to eat myself back to life. But the only one loosing weight is the cat. She eats less now I have more genuine attention for her. 🙂

Further: still reading Nakken. The book walks the reader through the processes of getting addicted and experiences and thoughts of the addict. While reading I get flashbacks of my own history, recognition. Doing a lot of grieving and trying to get the hang of ‘letting go’ and ‘to have mercy’ or, if not that, accept what I experience as knowledge of my history. Very curious after the schematics (is that the word?) that cause addicts to have power issues. They’re coming up in a few pages.

And as a real addict I still haven’t done what I should actually do:

1 Be in RL contact with people (am going out to do some shopping)

2 Start organising my life again (and pay bills)



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